I've got many years experience working with sound within tv, film, radio and music. Regardless of the area we're talking about, my strength is being able to see the clients vision, and solve the job in a creative fashion, more often than not using methods/ideas that maybe weren't obvious from the start, but constributes to a job well done.

I'm from an independent/indie/alternative scene. I've played in several bands, and also helped artists record their releases in my studio. I also did a lot of producing, mixing and mastering. Lately I've been working a lot with syntesizers, and I'm in the electronic duo Twin Tonality.

Right now I'm freelancing, but I'd be open to permanent employment. I'd like to work on any project, that requires a creative input.

What can I offer, and in what areas?


    For many years I've been working as a sound engineer, within music, movies, tv and radio.

    TV/movies: I've been working for several big companies, such as DR (Denmarks national radio and tv), TV-2 (national tv station), Metronome and Nordisk Film. For those companies I did the audio for feature films, documentary, news, fiction etc.

    Music: I've been running my own studio for many years, and so, worked as an engineer on many releases.


    I mixed most of the productions I've been involved with. I've been using the knowledge I got graduating as a studio engineer in the U.S., and also the experience gathered through many years doing quite different projects/genres. Mixed using digital as well as analogue tech.


    I mastered many of the releases I worked on. Most of them were digitally mastered in my own studio. Check out the gearlist here.


    Worked as a producer on several projects, some as co-producer. Here's a list.


    I composed the music for several releases within the alternative, indie and electro genre.


    Played in different contexts/projects/releases, mostly synthesizers and guitar, but I also swung a tambourine once in a blue moon.


    I've been teaching digital/analogue audio techniques. I'm also offering courses in indie/electro studio production. Have a look her for further details.