Sidste Time
Title:Sidste Time
Position:Sound mixer
Company:Nordisk Film
Worked as an assistant engineer on this horror motion pictur, directed by Martin Schmidt.

The recordings took place during a 3 week stay at Usserød School in Hørsholm, during a temporary shutdown because they were removing asbestos from the walls.
Company:Zentropa Productions
Porno movie directed by Knud Vesterskov.
Produced by Puzzy Power, a subsidiary to Zentropa Entertainments.

As a member of the band Kyed, I contributed to this soundtrack.
Jodeladies Goes Baurnhof
Title:Jodeladies Goes Baurnhof
Position:Sound mixer
Company:Baby Film
Music video directed by Jessica Nilsson.

Responsible for all audio during the recordings. The genre was a kind of jodle pop.
Motion picture directed by Nicholas Winding Refn.

As a member of the band Kyed, I contributed to this soundtrack.
The diary of a shrink
Title:The diary of a shrink
Position:Sound mixer
Company:Baby Film
Horror comedy short directed by Jessica Nilsson.

Lars, a shrink and compulsive masturbator, is tired of living. He decides to commit suicide, but suddenly as if by magic his life is filled with a new sense of purpose, when he falls in love with a woman with 3 personalities.
Position:Sound mixer and composer
Company:Delfin Film
Horror short directed by Stig Ekkert.

A psychological thriller, about schizophrenia and revenge. Signe is a nurse and in love with her boss, Dr. Janus (the shrink). One day Signe is sent on home visit to a patient, by Dr. Janus. An accident happens, and Signe has to spend the night, and the eeriness begins...
The gas container
Title:The gas container
Position:Sound mixer
Company:The Danish Film Workshop
Video cartoon directed by Wido Schlichting.

This is the story about the poet and the husler. Or why it's hard to create the 'avant-garde', when you're in love and the world has gone crazy.
Position:Sound mixer, sound designer and composer
Company:Angel Films
A short film directed by Jens A. Seehuusen.

Did the audio post production, mix, and composed the soundtrack. Wrote the title track i collaboration with Morti Vizky.

A man and a woman loved eachother and lived together. They've been seperated for a while, but randomly meets at a party. Once again they split up, but in a parallel timeline we follow the man and the woman the same night as the surprising encounter took place.
Position:Sound mixer
Company:The Danish Film Workshop
Short directed by Thomas Vinterberg.

This was his debut, produced and directed in a collaboration with Aslak Lytthans. It secured Thomas a director spot at the danish filmschool.

This film is about a the escape of a young usher working at a cinema. The abuse of speed and the clash between image media and reality surrounding him, results in a dramatic showdown.
At The End Of The Rainbow
Title:At The End Of The Rainbow
Position:Sound mixer
Documentary directed by Wido Schlichting.